About Us

Who We Are ?

We are proud to be part of the JYOTI group of Companies, a group that tries to make a significant contribution to the critical sector of Power, through qualitative and quantitative means.

JYOTI group began as a small-scale operation in 1990 to erect transmission lines, soon expanded, diversified, value-added and emerged as a multifaceted, technology-driven, quality-conscious products and services provider for the Power Sector, executing massive projects on a turnkey with the team of 3000 + employees.

By following industry standards religiously, evolving its own imaginative HR practices, inducting benchmark technologies, targeting strategic user segments, and building for itself a reputation for innovative solution-finding, the JYOTI Group made significant leaps year after year.

Product Distribution

System Integration

Product Development

IT Consulting


To be the most innovative corporation through technology transformation.


To develop and manufacture globally competitive and innovative high-tech medical electronic and information technology products & deliver services.

Our Core Values

SATISFACTION to our customer is the beginning and the end of everything we do.

PEOPLE are our most important asset.

RESULT through teamwork.

INNOVATION is our passion.

CONTINUOUS improvement for Excellence is our enduring aspiration.

SMART winning is our ultimate goal.


What We Do ?

SPRICS is a dynamic and innovative enterprise. We are committed to providing unique combination of medical electronics and healthcare information technologies, which shaping a new edge of healthcare to empower a better life.

Through our key businesses, we partner with medical electronics and information technology provider and professionals to develop and deliver changing technologies that leads towards transformation.

Rather than delivering a certain predefined system, we’re interested in providing solutions that work best for you. We build everything with the flexibility to address the goals and purposes of your organization.

We get to know your business and provide solutions to empower the people who use them all with an eye on delivering better results for your bottom line.

Home Automation

Security and Surveillance

Medical Electronic & Healthcare IT

Information Technology


Six Spheres. One Mission.